D1 Healthcare offers curated healthcare bid systems that create true healthcare value through it's optimizes the solutions to the 3 parties of healthcare:

The Member

The Provider

The Self Funded Employer or Institutional Payor

We don’t make enemies – we drive excellence and outcomes – operationally, financially, and medically - collaboratively. Our goal is a unified team with a unified mission of orchestrating healthcare too:

Help The Member become the best and the highest performing person they can become – at home, in their community, and at their employer – making care simple and accessible through our innovative design and delivery.

The Providers - we positively orchestrate collaboration, better payment, faster payment, and simplicity for the talented members of The Provider community.

We prudently and transparently optimize the financial investment of Self-Funded Employers and

Institutions to help and improve their most valuable asset – the human beings that make up their teams. 

We drive excellence and collaboration throughout the system and innovatively capture funds for retiree healthcare for The Members.


Certified Direct Primary Care

Curated Healthcare Bid System

Retiree Healthcare Savings Strategy



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