Not everyone is a D1 athlete, but YOU deserve to be treated like one.



Our goal is to provide you a similar healthcare experience as a D1 athlete, where the resources of the healthcare system are curated and readily available to you on a concierge basis. Through our Certified Primary Care, Curated Bid Process for Specialty and Hospital sectors, we look to provide you the best services at the best price. The objective is to provide concierge service and advanced clinicals as a part of D1 HEALTHCARE® - the way healthcare should be.

We drive excellence and outcomes - operationally, financially, and medically. Our goal is a unified team with a unified mission of orchestrating healthcare to serve YOU.

We drive positive collaboration throughout the system and skim incentives, rebates, and other reimbursements back into a retiree healthcare account for you as the member. By being a smarter consumer and participating in the plan, you can generate shared savings that are put away in an account for your healthcare in retirement.


Help better manage and derive services from the healthcare system to make care simple and accessible through our innovate design and delivery.


Eliminate collections, revenue cycle management issues, and provide pre-vetted members with payment at time of service.


Acting as a financial intermediary that curates the healthcare system to benefit both businesses and members, driving better service, outcomes and lower prices.



Certified Direct Primary Care

Tele-Specialty Services

Curated Bid for Inpatient and Outpatient Hospital

Transparent Rx

Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity Insurance Included

Retiree Healthcare Savings Account



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